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March 18, 2013 at 9:15 am ET

Fallon Fox doesn’t believe she and other transgender MMA fighters should have to disclose their medical history to would-be opponents.

The 37-year-old fighter recently sparked a national debate about transgender fighters in combat sports. Fox, who moved to 2-0 with a recent 39-second knockout of Ericka Newsome in a Championship Fighting Alliance tournament, was born a man but underwent gender reassignment surgery and began supplemental hormonal therapy in 2006.

In an interview this past Friday with “Inside MMA” on AXS TV, Fox, who’s been at the center of the emotionally charged issue, said she has no advantage over her opponents.

“I don’t believe a transgender fighter should have to disclose her personal medical history to other female fighters before they fight,” she said. “It’s simply for the reason the medical community and the scientific community have come to the consensus that post-operative transsexual fighters who have been on hormone-replacement therapy and testosterone suppression, when they’re going from male to female, haven’t been found to have any physiological advantages over other women.

“So why should we have to disclose our personal medical history?”

However, as others have noted, including MMAjunkie.com medical columnist Dr. Johnny Benjamin and veteran MMA fighter/osteopath Rosi Sexton, current scientific evidence is minimal and lacks a real consensus.

Officials from the CFA promotion support Fox’s involvement in the tournament. Although her license is currently under review, she’ll continue in the CFA tourney if cleared. They’ve even postponed the next round as she sorts out her licensing issues.

However, some fights have publicly stated they’d be hesitant to fight Fox, who finds it unfortunate. UFC President Dana White has said it’s a decision the athletic commissions will need to make, though he concedes Fox is far from UFC-ready anyway.

“Some fighters have already said they would not want to fight me,” Fox said. “I think that’s because they’re scared, No. 1, because I’m pretty good. Or they might just have a bias or they might just be a hate-filled person who doesn’t want to touch me or whatever. But I don’t want to fight those people anyway because they’re scared, so what kind of fight would that be?”

from:  http://www.mmajunkie.com/news/2013/03/fallon-fox-transgender-mma-fighters-shouldnt-have-to-disclose-to-opponents


Ericka Newsome was born on August 20th, 1979 according to http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Ericka-Newsome-98845

August 20th, 1979

8 + 20 +1+9+7+9 = 54 = Ericka’s life lesson = Disclosure.  Transparency.  Transgenders.  Transsexuals.  Interviews.  Asking questions.  Things are not as they appear.

Page of Swords Tarot card


August 20th, 1979

August 20th

8 + 20 +2+0+1+2 = 33 = Ericka’s personal year (from August 20th, 2012 to August 19th, 2013) = Going into the lion’s den.  Putting on a good show.  Not wanting to back down.

Seven of Wands Tarot card

33 year + 2 (February) = 35 = her personal month (from February 20th, 2013 to March 19th, 2013) = Defending herself.  Getting caught off guard.  Without warning.

Nine of Wands Tarot card

35 year + 2 (2nd of the month on Saturday March 2nd, 2013) = 37 = her personal day = Fighting her heart out.  Pouring her heart into it.  Deeply emotional.

King of Cups Tarot card

33 year + 3 (March) = 36 = her personal month (from March 20th, 2013 to April 19th, 2013) = Unloading.  Unburdening herself.  Having her work cut out for her.  Weighty responsibilities.  Like a ton of bricks.

Ten of Wands Tarot card


using the number/letter grid:

1      2      3       4       5       6      7      8      9
A      B     C       D       E       F      G      H      I
J      K      L      M      N       O      P      Q      R
S      T      U      V      W      X      Y      Z


A = 1              J = 1              S = 1

B = 2              K = 2             T = 2

C = 3              L = 3             U = 3

D = 4              M = 4            V = 4

E = 5              N = 5            W = 5

F = 6              O = 6             X = 6

G = 7              P = 7             Y = 7

H = 8              Q = 8             Z = 8

I = 9               R = 9



Ericka Newsome

599321 5551645                 60


her path of destiny = 60 = Moving forward.  Leaving it behind her.  Leaving her troubles behind.  Making progress.  Forward thinking.  Long range plans  The long term.

Six of Swords Tarot card







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