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June 26, 2012              11:38 AM AT

A woman involved in a high-profile battle over her dog has lost her pet to the Halifax Regional Municipality.

On Tuesday, a provincial court judge ruled that ownership of Francesca Rogier’s dog — Brindi — be transferred to the city.

Rogier was also fined $600, which breaks down to $200 for each of the three charges she faced relating to a 2010 attack on a neighbour’s pet. Rogier was found guilty of those counts in May.

Rogier was not present at Dartmouth provincial court on Tuesday. But in a statement released late in the afternoon, she said the decision is “devastating.”

“I love my dog and miss her terribly. I did everything humanly possible to obey all laws and conditions. We were never given a fighting chance. And now, it is as though no trial or judicial review ever took place,” she wrote.

Rogier said she fears Brindi will be put down.

The Halifax Regional Municipality must now have Brindi assessed to determine whether the dog could be adopted by another owner. If that assessment finds Brindi is not adoptable, the city has the option of having the dog euthanized.

The decision on whether Brindi is adoptable is scheduled to be made by Aug. 21, in yet another stage of a protracted battle over the dog’s fate.

Brindi, a six-year-old shepherd mix, spent two years at a shelter before she was adopted by Rogier in 2007.

After several aggressive confrontations with other dogs, Brindi was placed under a muzzle order. But in July 2008, she got loose from her East Chezzetcook home and bit another dog.

That’s when Halifax bylaw officers seized Brindi. The dog was scheduled to be euthanized in August 2008, but the procedure was postponed after Rogier made her application to the court.

In April 2010, a provincial court judge ruled that Rogier undergo a training course with Brindi and that the dog be muzzled if it wasn’t in a fenced-in area.

Later that same year, Brindi jumped out of the window of Rogier’s car and sank its teeth into a neighbour’s smaller dog. The attacked dog was on a leashed walk with its owners.

The judge ruled the latest attack broke three bylaws because Brindi was running at large and attacked another dog when the animal was supposed to be wearing a muzzle.



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Francesca Rogier

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