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May 25, 2012        9:14 AM

Sandra Leduc said Mount Everest seemed like “a morgue” after she was forced to turn back during her summit attempt last weekend.

The Ottawa resident was only hours away from the summit on Sunday morning when she encountered a storm so bad it deterred even an experienced Sherpa and sent her entire group back down the mountain.

At approx 3am on the 20th, 2-3 hours from summit, my sherpa yelled out that we needed to go down immed. Worse weather he had ever seen.

This same storm is said to have taken the lives of four other climbers that day, including a Canadian named Shriya Shah-Klorfine.

After climbing down to the nearest camp, Leduc Tweeted once again to describe what survivors of the storm had witnessed: “Lots of dead or dying bodies. Thought I was in a morgue.”

A less-determined climber may have cut her adventure short, given the unusually hazardous weather conditions this year, but after giving it some thought Leduc decided to try again — tweeting all the while.

@ 2pm yesterday, I decided I was done. Took 3hrs to pack up my gear. Was sitting pretty in front of my tent. But it started to feel wrong.


At 8pm I knew I needed to go back up.

Leduc has continued to share her journey on Twitter, one milestone at a time. She has hinted that the end of her journey might be near, but she hasn’t given up yet.

Based on energy level, I’m estimating my chances of turning around after Camp 4 at 99%, but at least I’m going to try.

Wednesday, Leduc tweeted that the risk of an avalanche was high, describing the creaks and groans around her before falling silent for a suspenseful 20 hour period.

Snap. Crackle. Pop. Everything is creaking in here. Like playing winter Russian roulette.

At approximately 6:30 p.m. EST Thursday, Leduc retweeted her brother Kevin and confirmed her safety with two tweets of her own.

I spoke to Sandra on the phone an hour ago. She arrived safely at camp 2. Slept. Is up again and departing for camp 3.

CBC News will continue to watch Sandra Leduc’s journey. You too can follow along by following @sandraclimbing on Twitter or watching our live blog below:





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