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Jun 26, 2010 10:35 PM EDT

In the opening fight of Strikeforce: Fedor vs Werdum on Showtime, former lightweight champ Josh Thomson took on veteran Pat Healy. It was expected to be a tune up fight for Thomson, but Healy gave Thomson two and a half tough rounds before succumbing to a rear naked choke in the third.

In the first, Thomson immediately shot in and forced a grappling battle that ate up the first round. Thomson repeatedly threatened submissions with armbars and triangles but Healy evaded all Thomson’s attempts.

Round two saw Healy take down Thomson with a big slam, took his back and worked for a rear naked choke while landing shots to the head of Thomson. Thomson escaped to half guard and forced a battle for guard before Thomson stood up only to be slammed again with two minutes left. Suddenly Thomson threatened an arm bar. Then Healy attacked Thomson’s leg before once again being threatened with an arm bar. Healy escaped but spent the rest of the round on top.

They came out punching in the third. Thomson stuffed a Healy shot and landed a nice overhand right. Thomson threw a front kick and Healy caught it. Healy looked tired and visibly slowed as Thomson peppered him with jabs. Healy answered with some jabs of his own and initiated a clinch but Thomson circled away. Then Healy clinched again and got the take down. He took Thomson’s back and quickly got thrown to his back. After a moment in north-south, Thomson attacked Healy’s back. Then he attacked with a rear naked choke that appeared to threaten Healy, but the seasoned submission artist fended off the choke for what seemed an eternity before tapping.



Josh Thomson was born on September 21st, 1978 according to

September 21st

9 + 21 +2+0+0+9 = 41 = his personal year (from September 21st, 2009 to September 20th, 2010)

41 year + 6 (June) = 47 = his personal  month (from June 21st, 2010 to July 20th, 2010) = Famous.  Name & fame.  Notoriety.  Name recognition.  (Inter)nationally known.  High profile.  VIP.  Well-known.  Household name.  Public life.  Limelight. 


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