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June 26, 2011 8:25 p.m. EDT

The Transportation Security Administration stood by its
security officers Sunday after a Florida woman complained that her
cancer-stricken, 95-year-old mother was patted down and forced to remove her
adult diaper while going through security.

Reports of the incident took hold in social media, with scores of comments on
the topic and reposts appearing hourly on Twitter Sunday afternoon.

The TSA released a statement Sunday defending its agents’ actions at the
Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport.

“While every person and item must be screened before entering the secure
boarding area, TSA works with passengers to resolve security alarms in a
respectful and sensitive manner,” the federal agency said. “We have reviewed the
circumstances involving this screening and determined that our officers acted
professionally and according to proper procedure.”

Jean Weber told CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield on Sunday that the security
officers may have been procedurally correct, but she still does not believe they
were justified, especially given her mother’s frail condition.

“If this is your procedure — which I do understand — I also feel that your
procedure needs to be changed,” she said.

Weber said the two were traveling June 18 from northwest Florida to Michigan,
so her mother could move in with relatives before eventually going to an
assisted living facility.

“My mother is very ill, she has a form of leukemia,” Weber said. “She had a
blood transfusion the week before, just to bolster up her strength for this

While going through security, the 95-year-old was taken by a TSA officer into
a glassed-in area, where a pat-down was performed, Weber said. An agent told
Weber “they felt something suspicious on (her mother’s) leg and they couldn’t
determine what it was” — leading them to take her into a private, closed

Soon after, Weber said, a TSA agent came out and told her that her mother’s
Depend undergarment was “wet and it was firm, and they couldn’t check it
thoroughly.” The mother and daughter left to find a bathroom, at the TSA
officer’s request, to take off the adult diaper.

Weber said she burst into tears during the ordeal, forcing her own pat-down
and other measures in accordance with TSA protocol. But she said her mother, a
nurse for 65 years, “was very calm” despite being bothered by the fact that she
had to go through the airport without underwear.

Eventually, Weber said she asked for her mother to be whisked away to the
boarding gate without her, because their plane was scheduled to leave in two
minutes and Weber was still going through security.

By this weekend, the 95-year-old woman — who was not identified by name —
was doing “fine” in Michigan, where her niece and her family “was treating her
like royalty because they love her so much.”

“My mother is a trouper,” Weber said.

from:  http://www.cnn.com/2011/US/06/26/florida.tsa.incident/index.html?iref=NS1



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E = 5              N = 5            W = 5

F = 6              O = 6             X = 6

G = 7              P = 7             Y = 7

H = 8              Q = 8             Z = 8

I = 9               R = 9

Jean Weber

1515 55259       38

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