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Mythbusters cannonball

December 7, 2011         8:32 am

A cannonball fired by the “Mythbusters” TV show plowed through a Northern California house, struck the roof of another house and smashed through a minivan’s window in a science experiment gone wrong.

The mishap occurred Tuesday while the Discovery Channel show was testing out whether other materials are just as effective as a cannonball when fired from a cannon.

Instead, the mythbusters learned how effective a cannonball can be when it misses its intended target, according to KGO-TV San Francisco.

The cannonball was fired from a bomb range in Dublin, about 35 miles east of San Francisco in Alameda County. It was supposed to hit trash cans but instead soared 700 yards into the home of a sleeping couple, leaving a 10-inch hole in the bedroom wall.

The cannonball  was traveling as fast as a bullet. It exited the house, bounced across four lanes of traffic,  struck the roof of another house and then smashed through the window of a parked minivan.

No one was injured.

Neighbors said “MythBusters” often tries its experiments in the area, and they have grown used to hearing explosions.


Mythbusters premiered on January 23rd, 2003 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mythbusters

January 23rd, 2003

January 23

1 + 23 +2+0+1+1 = 28 = Mythbusters’ personal year (from January 23rd, 2011 to January 22nd, 2012) = Recklessness.

28 year + 11 (November) = 39 = Mythbusters’ personal month (from November 23rd, 2011 to December 22nd, 2011) = Mythbusters.

39 month + 6 (6th of the month on Tuesday December 6th, 2011) = 45 = Mythbusters’ personal day = Things go horribly wrong.




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