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October 30, 2011     12:22PM

THE NSW Government has confirmed action has been taken against a
senior legal officer who gave a “boob-apron” to a colleague as a birthday joke.

The scandal in a D-cup was first revealed by The Sunday Telegraph
after Nigel Hadgkiss, executive director of the Office of the Director of Public
Prosecutions, gave a novelty apron featuring a pair of fake breasts to a
workmate who had described himself as a “big girl at heart”.

The gift was an on-going joke between the pair, but one guest at the work
function party took offence and complained. Mr Hadgkiss is a former federal
policeman and holds one of the highest positions in the DPP.

When contacted by The Sunday Telegraph in August, both the
Attorney-General’s office and the Department of Public Prosecutions refused to
confirm the incident or comment.

It is only now that Attorney-General Greg Smith has confirmed a complaint had
been received about Mr Hadgkiss, after it was raised in parliament by Shadow
Attorney-General Paul Lynch after The Sunday Telegraph article.

Mr Lynch asked if any action had been taken against Mr Hadgkiss in relation
to his employment, to which the Attorney General said the matter had been

“Yes. The complaint was dealt with in accordance with the relevant policies
and procedures of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and
appropriate action has been taken,” said the short response, dated October

Asked to elaborate on the matter during an Estimates Hearing on Wednesday, Mr
Smith confirmed that Mr Hadgkiss was cautioned about the matter.

“My understanding is that the director counselled him,” Mr Smith said.

The recipient of the now notorious apron, who is understood to be a male
colleague, had previously described himself in a conversation with Mr Hadgkiss
as a “big girl at heart”, prompting Mr Hadgkiss to follow up with the gag.

The move backfired, however, prompting a review of the matter by Director of
Public Prosecutions, Lloyd Babb, SC.

The aprons are usually sold for about $20 and feature a large pair of fake

Mr Hadgkiss refused to discuss the incident when contacted on Wednesday,
saying: “No comment” before politely hanging up the phone.


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Nigel Hadgkiss

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