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June 18, 2011 7:33 pm ET

This year, the annual Miss USA Pageant airing on NBC Sunday  night is going to have a very Bravo feel to it. Not only is Caroline Manzo from  “The Real Housewives of New  Jersey” set to be one of the judges for the big broadcast, network  Vice-President / resident master of wit Andy Cohen is going to be taking the  stage as a co-host alongside Gulianna Rancic from E! News.

With this in mind, the show is going to be a little bit different than what  we have seen in the past — specifically, Cohen says that he is going to be perfectly-equipped to tackle some  of the more high-intensity situations thanks in part to dealing with so many  tricky situations on “Watch What  Happens Live!” and “Real Housewives” reunion specials:

“People know me from quizzing the Housewives about very  personal things, and I’m hoping to bring some of that to the pageant. I want to  really get in there a bit and get to know these women in an unexpected way.”

Immediately following the pageant, Cohen says he is going straight to “Watch  What Happens” to do a show featuring both Manzo and Rancic — which will  probably be just as much about “New Jersey” as the pageant itself.

from:  Andy Cohen talks hosting style for 2011 Miss USA Pageant – National TV |


Andy Cohen was born on June 2nd, 1968 according to

June 2nd, 1968

June 2nd

6 + 2 +2+0+1+1 = 12 = his personal year (from June 2nd, 2011 to June 1st, 2012) = Different.

12 year + 6 (June) = 18 = his personal month (from June 2nd, 2011 to July 1st, 2011) = Surreal.


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