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June 22, 2010 9:05 AM ET

Jessie Lunderby is a 21-year-old jailer from Washington County, Arkansas who is causing quite a stir because of her recent photo on Playboy.com.

KSLA News is reporting that she was put on “administrative leave” for the photo, which she took in her own time, off-duty from work. Officials of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office say they’re investigating to determine if her out-of-uniform photos violate policy.

Lunderby is specifically being investigated for “conduct unbecoming of an officer” and for failing to get permission for off-duty work. But Jessie says she did get permission and that it wasn’t an issue until the photos came out, according to Arkansas Online.

But Lunderby is happy she posed for the famed men’s magazine’s website, even if her phone is going crazy and her email is clogged, she tells a local TV station.

We have to say — this is reminding us of our very favorite Lifetime movie. It’s called “I Posed for Playboy” and stars Lynda Carter and Amanda Peterson. You really should check it out sometime if you are not familiar.

We hope Jessie gets this sorted out — it’s not like she’s even fully nude! The Dish Rag calls shenanigans on the administrative leave.

Jessie Lunderby was born on December 23rd, 1988 according to http://www.whosdatedwho.com/celebrities/people/dating/jessie-lunderby.htm
December 23rd, 1988
12 + 23 +1+9+8+8 = 61 = her life lesson = what she is here to learn = Doing the unexpected.
December 23rd
12 + 23 +2+0+0+9 = 46 = her personal year (from December 23rd, 2009 to December 22nd, 2010) = You’re all grown up.
46 year + 5 (May) = 51 = her personal month (from May 23rd, 2010 to June 22nd, 2010) = Laws.  Rules.  Regulations.  Doing things “by the book.”  Following the letter of the law.
51 month + 22 (22nd of the month on Tuesday June 22nd, 2010) = 73 = her personal day = HR.  Personnel.

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