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Jun 17 2011 5:37 PM EDT

Since the release of his mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra this past February,
Frank Ocean has gone from a
relatively unknown songwriter to the Internet’s best-kept secret, and now he may
be poised to be music’s next big thing. But with Ocean choosing to do very
little press, his appearance in Tyler, the Creator’s “She” video may be one of
the only times many people have seen the Odd
crooner besides a handful of press photos.

That all changed Thursday: The video for Ocean’s “Novacane,” one of
Nostalgia‘s many standout cuts, just hit the Web. The Nabil
Elderkin-directed clip features Ocean in what looks like a dimly lit hotel
suite. With each exhale of a joint, Ocean is surrounded by ghostly incarnations
of beautiful women, tigers and pandas. At one point, Ocean smears what appears
to be novocaine — or Procaine, for those out there with dentist parents — on his
solemn-looking face.

The song is the first single from the Def Jam re-release of Ocean’s album. A
track list for the re-release of the album has yet to appear, but the free
version featured a variety of samples, from Coldplay’s “Strawberry Swing” to the
Eagles’ “Hotel California,” which may be difficult to clear. When MTV News
caught up with Ocean at the Coachella festival in April, even he joked that he
was skeptical whether they’d be cleared.

“The Eagles sample has no chance in hell of being cleared,” Ocean said.
“Coldplay sample, possibly. I hear ‘possibly’ from people who say they know.
MGMT, those guys seem chill. I heard they heard the record and they liked it a
lot, so hopefully that can go some way.

“Hopefully the sh– gets worked out. We might pull a Hail Mary and clear the
Eagles’ record. They might want all of the publishing for the whole album,
though, which can’t happen,” Ocean added.

from:  http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1665926/frank-ocean-nostalgia-novacane-video.jhtml


Thursday June 16th, 2011 the video for Ocean’s “Novacane” hit the Web

June 16th, 2011

6 + 16 +2+0+1+1 = 26 = Novacane video’s personal year (from June 16th, 2011 to June 15th, 2012) = Popularity.  Photos.  Images.  In the news.

26 + 6 (June) = 32 = Novacane video’s personal month (from June 16th, 2011 to July 15th, 2011) = Blockbuster.  Mainstream.  United States.  Hitting a home run.  Knocking it out of the park.

32 month + 16 (16th of the month on Thursday June 16th, 2011) = 48 = Novacane video’s personal day = Rockin’ out.  Rock on.

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