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Friday, 14 May 2010 13:47 UK

High-profile Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon has been suspended from his post by the country’s judicial body.

The decision was unanimously adopted by the General Council of the Judiciary.

He is due to face trial on charges that he abused his powers by opening an inquiry in 2008 into crimes committed during Francisco Franco’s rule.

Mr Garzon was later forced to drop the investigation into the crimes committed during the 1936-39 Civil War in Spain, which are covered by an amnesty.

Controversial judge

In February, a Supreme Court investigating magistrate ruled that Mr Garzon had ignored the 1977 amnesty by launching the investigation.

Mr Garzon, 54, who is highly popular among the Spanish political left and international human rights campaigners, appealed against the ruling, saying his inquiry was legitimate.

But some on the right accuse Mr Garzon of launching cases that are politically motivated.

Tens of thousands of people disappeared during Spain’s Civil War and under Gen Franco’s regime that followed.

Mr Garzon is also famous for targeting international figures, including late Chilean military ruler Augusto Pinochet, and al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

Earlier this week, Mr Garzon reportedly asked to take a leave of absence to work for the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Judicial sources at Spain’s National Court say Mr Garzon wants to work as an adviser for the ICC for seven months.


Baltasar Garzón was born on October 26th, 1955 according to

October 26th

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