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Steve Wozniak tweets about lining up for Apple iPhone 4S

October 14, 2011     8:13 am

Steve Wozniak, the man who co-founded Apple with the late Steve Jobs, was first in line waiting to buy an iPhone 4S at an Apple Store in Los Gatos on Friday.

The Los Gatos Apple Store opened at 8 a.m., but Wozniak queued up about 18 hours before the store’s opening, as he mentioned on Twitter from his @stevewoz account on Thursday, writing:

The long wait begins. I’m first in line. The guy ahead was on the wrong side and he’s pissed.

Joe Hewitt, the co-founder of the popular web browser Firefox, spotted “the Woz” outside the store shortly after he first lined up in Los Gatos and noted that he was riding a Segway scooter, another piece of technology Wozniak has expressed a passion for. Hewitt tweeted:

Woz and his Segway first in line at the Los Gatos Apple Store. Only one in line too!

Later, Hewitt wrote on Twitter:

Still only one other guy in line at the LG Apple Store with Woz, but the TV news trucks are swarming. I expect hysteria tomorrow.

Sure enough, a few news outlets showed up to the Los Gatos store to talk to Wozniak about lining up. NBC Bay Area stopped by to ask the Silicon Valley icon just what he was up to, given that Wozniak could likely get an iPhone 4S (or any other Apple product) from Apple directly without too much trouble. The website TechCrunch stopped by as well, appropriately filming a quick interview with him using the previous-generation iPhone 4.

Wozniak explained to both news outlets that he loves waiting in line for major Apple releases such as the iPhone 4S and this is in fact something he has done a few times before.

The Woz said he was planning to buy a white iPhone 4S on Verizion for his wife and that two new AT&T iPhone 4S handsets were being shipped to his home to replace his two AT&T iPhone 4 units.

In TechCrunch’s video interview, Wozniak told reporter Jon Orlin that he believes the iPhone 4S is the first step toward a new future for mobile gadgets because of Siri, Apple’s new voice-commanded assistant app which Wozniak called an “answer engine.” Siri is making its debut on the iPhone 4S.

“Siri — I have been using Siri, touting it and feeling that this is the way I want all mobile devices to be in the future, in the near future and the far future,” Wozniak told Orlin. “You speak to it and it speaks back or it prints back answers, not just links to things that might get you what you need.”



File:Steve Wozniak.jpg

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August 11th, 1950

August 11th

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CookPhil Schiller, Apple, in front of iPhone line-up

October 4, 2011    2:52pm

Along with Apple’s new (on the inside) iPhone 4S announced on Tuesday, the Cupertino, Calif., tech giant also announced that the iPhone 4 price was dropping down to $99 and the 3GS was moving to a price of free.

Yeah, that’s right, free, zero, zip, zilch, nada — as long as you sign-up for a two-year contract.

But is a free iPhone actually a good deal? That would depend on how you look at it.

For one, free phones are less expensive than a phone that costs from $99 to about $400. A free iPhone might allow some consumers to pick up a smartphone for the first time, maybe because they never wanted to spend or couldn’t afford to pay $100 or more for a phone.

At the same time, there will still be the need for a data plan, which isn’t a small expense month after month.

And anyone looking to buy a new smartphone (whether iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone) should keep in mind that just about all of the hardware companies out there engineer obsolescence into their devices, in part as a reason to get people to buy new gadgets every year or two.

The iPhone 4, just about a year and a half old, will run Apple’s iOS 5 operating system, but it won’t be able to run Siri, Apple’s new voice commanded personal assistant software.

Only the iPhone 4S will run Siri. So, in some ways, the soon-to-be $99 iPhone 4 can’t do all the iPhone 4S can do simply due to hardware limitations.

This is all part of the progress of consumer electronics. That being said, the lifespans of smartphones and other gadgets is something consumers should keep in mind when deciding what to buy.

The iPhone 3GS, now more than 2 years old, will run iOS 5 but like this iPhone 4, it won’t run Siri.

At some point, it’s a sure thing that the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS will get left behind for other software updates just as Apple stopped releasing updates for the first generation iPhone with the release of iOS 4 and the iPhone 3G with the release of iOS 5.

The iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS, at their new lower prices, will come with 8-gigabytes of storage memory. The 4S will be offered with 16-gigabytes for $199, 32-gigabytes for $299 or 64-gigabytes for $399.

Nonetheless, Apple’s now providing a broader lineup of iPhones than it ever has before and hitting just about every price point out there — except for the prepaid market.

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook wrapped up Tuesday’s Let’s talk iPhone event in saying “when you look at each of these, they’re great and fantastic and industry leading in and of themselves … But what sets them apart and puts Apple way out front is how they’re engineered to work together so well. I am so incredibly proud of this company and all of the teams that worked so hard to bring all of the innovations you’ve seen today to reality.”

The inevitable reality is that not everything can move forward toward the future, especially with electronics, and while the iPhone brand itself continues to march on, older models will someday become antiques.



Tuesday October 4th, 2011

October 4th, 2011

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