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November 29th, 2010

A 15-year-old high school student who had “some problems in school” held 24 hostages with two firearms for about five hours on Monday.

The suspect shot himself when authorities entered the room and was the only one injured in the standoff, Marinette police chief Jeff Skorik said. The suspect was taken to a hospital and has been reunited with his family. His condition was unknown Monday night.

Marinette High School will be closed today as students, their parents and the community regroup after the standoff, Marinette School District Superintendent Tim Baneck said during a press conference Monday night. Grief support will be available to anyone impacted by the standoff, he said. Baneck said he did not have a timeline for reopening the school.

The gunman, who has not been identified by authorities, was described by a family friend as “one of the sweetest kids you ever want to know.”

“I’m at a loss as to why the young man would have felt pushed to this point,” said Keith Schroeder, a former teacher in the Marinette School District who knows the family. “I know there was some things going on at school, but I’m just at a loss.”

Student hostage Zach Campbell said the incident started when the kids in the room were watching a movie and the student gunman opened fire at the projector, then fired another round near the teacher.

The gunman “didn’t seem like he wanted to hurt anybody,” Campbell said. And at one point, the teacher in the room, 10th-grade teacher Valerie Burd, tried talk to him: “He really got upset when she tried to talk to him. He told her to be quiet.”

One student in the room helped break the ice with the gunman by asking about hunting, Campbell said.

“We talked for, I’d say, six hours,” Campbell said. “He was calm, he was laughing with us, having a conversation.”

The gunman talked with those in the room about hunting, fishing, music and movies.

Student Austin Biehl said he was scared when the incident began, but those feelings eventually changed.

“As it progressed, it was just calm. Everyone was just fine,” Biehl said.

Skorik said the investigation into the incident is just beginning and he does not know whether criminal charges would be recommended against the gunman.

The city of Marinette is 50 miles north of Green Bay and has a population of about 11,700. Marinette High School has about 800 students.

Shortly before all the hostages were released, the gunman allowed five to leave the classroom. Authorities said later he allowed the first wave out of the room because they had to use the restroom.

Campbell said he “asked if I could go to the bathroom. I didn’t have to go, just wanted to see if I could leave.” He said he was the second person to leave the room.

Burd likely played a role in securing her release and the release of the students, Schroeder said.

“She’s very dedicated, educated, loves children,” he said. “If I had been that classroom, I don’t know what I’d have been able to do.”

News of the hostages’ release came as a text message just as a prayer group in Peshtigo began praying for that very thing, said Tim Harwell, youth pastor at the church.

“As a matter of fact, we were praying at that very moment for the release of all the kids, said ‘amen,’ and then someone read the text message,” Harwell said. “We all collapsed.”

Schroeder said he wouldn’t get specific about the problems the gunman had been having at school but said, “I know there was some problems at school. … Somehow, we as a society need to rein in the types of things that are going on with our children…

“He’s a victim, too,” Schroeder said. “People may not realize that. Something had to push him to do this. With the support system and family life that he has, I’m just at a loss. I couldn’t say enough good things about the family, and they are so involved.”

Schroeder said he didn’t know where the guns the boy used had come from.

from:  http://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/article/20101129/GPG0101/101129160/15-year-old-gunman-in-Marinette-standoff-shot-himself?nocache=1


using the number/letter grid:

1      2      3       4       5       6      7      8      9
A      B     C       D       E       F      G      H      I
J      K      L      M      N       O      P      Q      R 
S      T      U      V      W      X      Y      Z


A = 1              J = 1              S = 1

B = 2              K = 2             T = 2

C = 3              L = 3             U = 3

D = 4              M = 4            V = 4

E = 5              N = 5            W = 5

F = 6              O = 6             X = 6

G = 7              P = 7             Y = 7

H = 8              Q = 8             Z = 8

I = 9               R = 9

Zach Campbell

8      3          33


his primary challenge (ZC), what he must do/has to do (ZL), and how he obtains his heart’s desire (ZL) all = 83 = Calling the police.  A call for justice.

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Mario Monicelli (R) directing Marcello Mastroianni (L)
30 November 2010 Last updated at 05:05 ET

One of the greats of post-war Italian cinema, Mario Monicelli, has killed himself by jumping out of a hospital window, media reports say.

Monicelli, 95, was dubbed “father of Italian comedy” for films such as Amici Mei (My Dear Friends) and Big Deal on Madonna Street (1958).

He was said to have leapt from the fifth floor of a Rome hospital where he was being treated for terminal cancer.

He received numerous awards and was nominated four times for an Oscar.

Mario Monicelli (file pic)
Best known for his comedies, Monicelli also directed serious films

Monicelli was admitted a few days ago to San Giovanni hospital where he was being treated for prostate cancer, reports said.

He made his debut as a director in 1949 and won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival 10 years later for The Great War.

Big Deal on Madonna Street – I Soliti Ignoti in Italian – helped launch the careers of Marcello Mastroianni, Claudia Cardinale and Vittorio Gassman.

Mario Monicelli directed 70 films, often focusing on stories about ordinary people confronted by extraordinary circumstances.

A Very Little Man (1977) was one of his best-known works about a man who takes justice into his own hands after his son is killed in a robbery.

Monicelli was known as politically left-wing and had called last year for students to protest against the government’s proposals for cuts to the culture budget.

from:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-11873511


Mario Monicelli, the Italian director known as one of the great “comedia all’Italiana” filmmakers for movies including “Big Deal on Madonna Street” and “La Grande Guerra” (The Great War) in the 1950s and 60s, died Monday in Rome in an apparent suicide. He was 95.

The Oscar-nominated director and screenwriter Mario Monicelli in 2009.

A spokeswoman for the San Giovanni hospital in Rome, where Mr. Monicelli was being treated for a pancreatic condition that appeared terminal, told news agencies that he jumped to his death Monday night from his hospital room. His body was covered by a sheet for hours as police and medical examiners investigated the circumstances of his death.

Mr. Monicelli was a contemporary of the noted Italian filmmakers Federico Fellini and Ettore Scola and worked closely with some of the nation’s greatest actors, including Marcello Mastroianni, Toto and Alberto Sordi. His career spanned more than 60 years in which he wrote and directed dozens of films, documentaries, shorts and TV series, including 2006’s “The Roses of the Desert.” He was most well-known for the comedies “Big Deal on Madonna Street” (1958) a crime caper where inept criminals bungle their robbery of a pawn shop, and “La Grande Guerra” (1959) which won the Venice Film Festival’s Golden Lion Award for its comedic take on the tragedies of World War I. In 1991, the Venice Film Festival honored him with a lifetime achievement award.

Beyond its humor, Monicelli’s work combined comedy with serious social criticism of the difficulties faced by an Italian society that had been traumatized by wars and the Fascist movement.

“Monicelli’s films focused on the problems of people on the lower rungs of society trying to make do in a world that is just as ludicrous as their foolish attempts to get ahead,” The Times noted in a review of a 1997 retrospective showing eight of his films at Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater.

In addition to the critical success of his films, Mr. Monicelli also found commercial success.

“It took something to be able to combine great art and make great money at the box office,” said Peter Bondanella the author of “A History of Italian Cinema.” “Monicelli was really a super commercially viable guy who had a touch of genius too, and he knew what he could do with really good actors with a good script.”

His influence was also felt in American cinema. Several directors have have produced work inspired by “Big Deal on Madonna Street,” including Woody Allen’s “Small Time Crooks,” Louise Malle’s “Crackers,” Alan Taylor’s “Palookaville” and the Russo Brothers’ “Welcome to Collinwood.”

Ultimately, it was the mix of tragedy and comedy that drove Mr. Monicelli’s filmmaking.

“All Italian comedy is dramatic,” he said in a 2004 interview with Cineaste magazine “The situation is always dramatic, often tragic, but it’s treated in a humorous way. But people die in it, there’s no happy ending. That’s just what people like about it. The Italian comedy, the kind I make, always has this component.”

from:  http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/30/movies/30monicelli.html?partner=rss&emc=rss


Mario Monicelli was born on May 16th, 1915 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mario_Monicelli

May 16th

5 + 16 +2+0+1+0 = 24 = his personal year (from May 16th, 2010 to May 15th, 2011) = Dominance.

24 year + 11 (November) = 35 = his personal month (from November 16th, 2010 to December 15th, 2010) = I can’t go on.  Throwing in the towel.

35 month + 29 (29th of the month on Monday November 29th, 2010) = 64 = his personal day = This sucks.

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November 30, 2010 12:38 IST

As the Congress closes ranks and tries to dismiss the Jagan factor in Andhra Pradesh, the rebel Reddy is in Kadapa district with his mother, Vijayalaxmi, and will visit the YSR samadhi there to pay respects to the former chief minister. Jagan Mohan Reddy quit the Congress and as the Kadapa MP on Monday. (Jagan’s resignation letter to Sonia: Full Text)
The party has a tricky task ahead and leaders insist that Jagan’s exit will have no impact on the Congress in Andhra Pradesh.  Consolidation is key as the party works out a new cabinet that will please as many people as possible. The crucial cabinet formation exercise will take place on Wednesday and there are fears that those left out will gravitate towards YSR’s son. (Who is Jagan Mohan Reddy?)
Jagan has publicly asked the MLAs who support him not to resign from the Congress. He would need 53 MLAs to split the party and at the moment sources in his camp say they do not have the support of more than 30. They do hope that number will increase after December 1. 
Because of Jagan’s pro-unified-Andhra stance, only one of the 50-odd Congress MLAs from the Telangana region supports him. His support base is essentially drawn from the other two regions. 
If Jagan were to manage to the split the party, the Congress could then look to the Prajya Rajyam Party (PRP),  Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) and the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) for outside support to the government.
There was talk of Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam Party, with its 18 MLAs, filling the Jagan void, but the actor-turned politician has decided to stay out of the government for now, with talks falling through on ministerial berths. Sources said Chiranjeevi wanted four ministries, but the Congress was loath to give him that many.
There are also doubts over whether Chiru can deliver the 18 MLAs en bloc. At least four of them are openly with Jagan.
The next bit of action is now expected on Wednesday, when the new Andhra Pradesh cabinet of Kiran Kumar Reddy will be sworn in.  Jagan will be watching the proceedings from Kadapa district, where he shall remain on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Read more at: http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/jagan-factor-looms-as-congress-picks-cabinet-69522?trendingnow&cp

Jagan Mohan Reddy was born on December 21st, 1972 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yeduguri_Sandinti_Jagan_Mohan_Reddy
December 21st, 1972
12 + 21 +1+9+7+2 = 52 = his life lesson = what he is here to learn = Keen.  Perseptive.  Astute.  Shrewd.  Astrology.  Horoscope.  Jyotish.  Gossip.  Rumors.
December 21st
12 + 21 +2+0+0+9 = 44 = his personal year (from December 21st, 2009 to December 20th, 2010) = Introspection.  Self-awareness.  In touch.  Having your finger on the pulse of what’s happening.
44 year + 11 (November) = 55 = his personal month (from November 21st, 2010 to December 20th, 2010) = Insight.  Clarity.  Brilliance.  Using your mind.
55 month + 29 (29th of the month on Monday November 29th, 2010) = 84 = his personal day = Abandoning work.
55 month + 30 (30th of the month on Tuesday November 30th, 2010) = All we are is dust in the wind.
55 month + 1 (1st of the month on Wednesday December 1st, 2010) = 56 = his personal day = Choosing.  Deciding.
“Free to make your own decision.
 Do it now with fine precision!”

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Graphic: The world's most dangerous border

November 29, 2010 2:39 a.m. EST

Joint military exercises between South Korea and the United States continued in the Yellow Sea on Monday as tensions with nearby North Korea continue to brew.

On Monday, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak said South Korea will “firmly” respond to future provocations from North Korea and declared that his nation “cannot remain patient” in the face of continued hostility from Pyongyang.

“Fellow citizens, at this point, actions are more important than words,” Lee said in a televised address. “Please have trust in the government and the military and support us.”

The divided peninsula — tense at the best of times — has been near the boiling point since Tuesday, when four people died in a North Korean artillery barrage that targeted the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong.

Lee called that attack an “inhuman crime” that followed decades of previous attacks from North Korea, including the sinking of the South Korean warship Cheonan in March.

North Korea has consistently denied responsibility for the sinking of the Cheonan, which killed 46 South Korean sailors.

“It is difficult at this point to expect North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons or military adventurism,” Lee said. “We are now clearly aware that we cannot stay patient and be generous. That will only give rise to bigger provocations.”

Lee’s address came a day after South Korean and U.S. forces started joint military exercises Sunday, prompting a furious response from North Korea.

The aircraft carrier USS George Washington joined South Korea’s forces near the coasts of China and North Korea for the four-day drill, which the North called “no more than an attempt to find a pretext for aggression and ignite a war at any cost,” according to the official Korean Central News Agency.

China, North Korea’s closest ally, called Sunday for an emergency meeting of the six major powers involved in talks about the Korean peninsula.

Top diplomats from the six nations — which also include Japan, the United States and Russia — need to meet soon to “maintain peace and stability on the peninsula and ease the tension” in the region, Beijing’s special representative for the region, Wu Dawei, said Sunday.

A top Chinese envoy met with Lee on Sunday, and a high-ranking North Korean official will visit Beijing on Tuesday, China’s Xinhua news agency said.

South Korea said Sunday it did not think the time was right for a resumption of the six-party talks, but said it would “bear in mind” the Chinese proposal.

In Washington, meanwhile, a State Department official told CNN that the United States is consulting with its allies, but resumed six-party talks “cannot substitute for action by North Korea to comply with its obligations.”

“Clear steps by North Korea are needed to demonstrate a change of behavior,” said the official, who was not authorized to speak for attribution.

And U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, said on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday that the flare-up exposed the failure of “continued appeasement” of North Korea by Republican and Democratic administrations.

He said the United States has given North Korea more than $1 billion in aid over the past 15 years with the goal of getting them to the negotiating table.

“It seems the purpose of everything is to get the North Koreans to the table,” said McCain, the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee. “The North Koreans’ only claim to their position on the world stage is their nuclear capability. And they have a terrible, most repressive, oppressive regime in the world. They have hundreds of thousands of people in slave labor camps. And all of that seems to be sacrificed in the altar of, quote, ‘negotiations.'”

Meanwhile, the Washington-based ANSWER Coalition called for “an end to the U.S.-South Korean provocations” and announced rallies in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, on Monday.

“The United States and South Korean governments have been pursuing a policy of deliberate provocation over the past several months,” targeting North Korea and China, ANSWER’s website states.

“While hypocritically calling for ‘calm’ in words, Washington is escalating the crisis by its actions,” it said, referring to the U.S.-South Korea military exercises and the USS George Washington.

In his Monday speech, South Korea’s Lee said efforts to resolve the international standoff through negotiations and humanitarian assistance to the North were met with “nuclear development and the sinking of the Cheonan.”

He said the attack on Yeonpyeong Island would have been unlawful even in wartime, adding, “I cannot but be angered at their cruelty.”

North Korea said the South provoked the attack because shells from a South Korean millitary drill landed in the North’s waters.

The North called reports of civilian casualties part of South Korea’s “propaganda campaign” and accused the “enemy” of creating “a human shield by deploying civilians around artillery positions and inside military facilities before the launch of the provocation.”

The violence has sparked anger and political turmoil in South Korea.

The country’s defense minister, Kim Tae-young, resigned after the exchange of fire.

Veterans of the South Korean military protested over the weekend on the streets of Seoul, stating they were angry that their country’s government had not done enough to respond to the North’s shelling.

The tense maritime border between the two Koreas has become the major military flashpoint on the Korean peninsula in recent years.

The Yeonpyeong attack was the first direct artillery assault on South Korea since 1953, when an armistice ended fighting. North and South Korea are still technically at war.

from:  http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/asiapcf/11/29/koreas.crisis/



Kim Jong-il was born on February 16th, 1941 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Jong-il

February 16th, 1941

2 + 16 +1+9+4+1 = 33 = his life lesson = what he is here to learn = Taking a stand.  Standing up for himself.  Not backing down.  Not caving in.


February 16th, 1941

16 + 1+9+4+1 = 31 = his “secret” number = Scramble.  Stir.  Catalyst.  Reaction.  Risk.  Controversy.  Contention.  Provocateur.  Provoke.  Instigate.  Tease.  Taunt.  Ruckus.  Noise.  Dissonance.  Cacophony.  Disturbance.  Struggles.  Strife.  Squabbles.  Quarrels.  Altercation.  Brawl.  Donnybrook.  Feuds.  Antagonism.  Rivalry.  Agitation.  Rowdy.  Wild.  Troublemaker.  Disorderly conduct.  Havoc.  Riot.   Outdoing yourself.  Rising to the challenge.  Stirring things up.  Stirring the pot.  Provoke a reaction.  Getting a rise out of someone.  Raising a ruckus.  Things get out of hand.  Prove you wrong.  I’ll show you.  In your face.  Bring it on.  C’mon.  Here comes trouble.  It takes two to make a quarrel.  Stepping into the ring.  Throwing your hat into the ring.  Gettiing into the mix.  Out of spite.  Getting your goat.  I can’t compete with you.  Working at cross purposes.  Riot starter.  Free-for-all.  



February 16th

2 + 16 +2+0+1+0 = 21 = his personal year (from February 16th, 2010 to February 15th, 2011) = Stepping onto the world stage.

21 year + 11 (November) = 32 = his personal month (from November 16th, 2010 to December 15th, 2010) = Fighting.  Winning.  United States.  America.


21 year + 12 (December) = 33 = his personal month (from December 16th, 2010 to January 15th, 2011) = Taking a stand.  Standing up for himself.  Not backing down.  Not caving in.

When his number (33 (2 + 16 +1+9+4+1 = 33)) comes up, that’s when he gets to live/experience what he is here to live/experience.  So that will be HIS month!!!



Lee Myung-bak was born on December 19th, 1941 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Myung-bak

December 19th, 1941

12 + 19 +1+9+4+1 = 46 = his life lesson = what he is here to learn  = The past.  Making history.  History in the making.  Maintaining your innocence.


December 19th

12 + 19 +2+0+0+9 = 42 = his personal year (from December 19th, 2009 to December 18th, 2010) = Misunderstandings.

42 year + 11 (November) = 53 = his personal month (from November 19th, 2010 to December 18th, 2010) = Warrior spirit.  Debates.  Arguing.  Heated exchanges.



A portrait shot of a serious looking middle-aged African-American male looking straight ahead. He has short black hair, and is wearing a dark navy blazer with a blue striped tie over a light blue collared shirt. In the background are two flags hanging from separate flagpoles: an American flag, and one from the Executive Office of the President.

Barack Obama was born on August 4th, 1961 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barack_obama

August 4th

8 + 4 +2+0+1+0 = 15 = his personal year (from August 4th, 2010 to August 4th, 2011) = War.

15 year + 11 (November) = 26 = his personal month (from November 4th, 2010 to December 4th, 2010) = Communication.  In the news.

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Ronald Isley born May 21, 1941 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, is an American singer and is known as the lead singer and founding member of the family music group The Isley Brothers.

By his early teens, he was singing regularly with his brothers in church tours.

Ronald plans on releasing his new album Mr. I on November 30, 2010. The album will include the first single “Close to You”, featuring Lauryn Hill.

Isley was charged with and convicted of tax evasion charges. The Hollywood Reporter reports Isley was sentenced to 37 months in prison, instead of the maximum sentence, which would have sent Isley to jail for 26 years. Isley’s sentence was affirmed by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit . Isley was imprisoned at the Federal Correctional Institution at Terre Haute, Indiana, and was scheduled for release on April 13, 2010. He was moved to a half-way house in St. Louis, Missouri following an early departure that October.After his sentence is completed, Isley will continue his career this year on his first tour since his sentence.

Isley was released from a federal half-way house on April 13, 2010.

In 2010, Isley received a “Legend Award” at the Soul Train Music Awards, as well as performed with Kelly and others (aired on BET).

from:  http://buzznewslive.com/ronald-isley-gets-legend-award-at-the-soul-train-music-awards/


Ron Isley was born on May 21st, 1941 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_isley

May 21st

5 + 21 +2+0+1+0 = 29 = his personal year (from May 21st, 2010 to May 20th, 2011) = Self-confidence.  Self-assurance.  Coordination.  Adept.  Skills.  Talents.  Competence.  Expertise.  Specialty.  Combine.  Teamwork.  Cooperation.  Duo.  Duet.  Collaborate.  Collaboration. 

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28 November 2010 Last updated at 22:17 ET

Nielsen’s role as a hapless doctor in the disaster spoof film Airplane! made him a comic star

Veteran comic actor Leslie Nielsen, star of Airplane! and The Naked Gun, has died at the age of 84.

He died in hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he was being treated for pneumonia, his agent John S Kelly said.

Canadian-born Nielsen started out as a serious actor but in 1980, his role as a hapless doctor in the disaster spoof film Airplane! made him a comic star.

In all, he appeared in more than 100 films and had a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

“With his friends and his wife by his side, he just fell asleep and passed away,” his nephew Doug Nielsen said, the AFP news agency reported.

‘Don’t call me Shirley’

Born in the Canadian city of Regina in 1926, Leslie Nielsen enjoyed an acting career which spanned six decades.

He started as a television actor in New York in 1950, performing in about 150 live dramas.

In the mid-1950s, he moved to Hollywood, where he initially carved out a film career as a leading man, capitalising on his craggy good looks and 6ft2in (194cm) height.

Then in 1980 his deadpan delivery in the comedy disaster movie Airplane! marked him out as a gifted clown, says the BBC’s Rajesh Mirchandani in Los Angeles.

It was in this role that he became known for the line “Don’t call me Shirley”.

The success of Airplane! led to another TV role in the spoof crime show Police Squad where he first played accident-prone detective Frank Drebin.

He went on to make three films as the same character in the Naked Gun series, starring opposite Priscilla Presley.

He continued working into his eighties.

Nearly two weeks ago – at the age of 84 – Nielsen was taken into hospital in Florida where he lived, suffering from pneumonia.

His condition had worsened over the last two days and relatives said he passed away peacefully, our correspondent says.

from:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-11860014


Leslie William Nielsen was born on February 11th, 1926 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leslie_Nielsen

February 11th, 1926

2 + 11 +1+9+2+6 = 31 = his life lesson = what he was here to learn = Catalyst.  Reaction.  Provocateur.  Provoke.  Instigate.  Riotous.  Striving to be number 1.  Personal best.  Outdoing yourself.  Rising to the challenge.  Stirring things up.  Stirring the pot.  Provoke a reaction.  Getting a rise out of someone.  Raising a ruckus.  Things get out of hand.  Stepping into the ring.  Throwing your hat into the ring.  Gettiing into the mix.  Free-for-all.


February 11th

2 + 11 +2+0+1+0 = 16 = his personal year (from February 11th, 2010 to February 10th, 2011) = Shocks.  Surprises.  Expect the unexpected.


using the number/letter grid:

1      2      3       4       5       6      7      8      9
A      B     C       D       E       F      G      H      I
J      K      L      M      N       O      P      Q      R 
S      T      U      V      W      X      Y      Z


A = 1              J = 1              S = 1

B = 2              K = 2             T = 2

C = 3              L = 3             U = 3

D = 4              M = 4            V = 4

E = 5              N = 5            W = 5

F = 6              O = 6             X = 6

G = 7              P = 7             Y = 7

H = 8              Q = 8             Z = 8

I = 9               R = 9

Leslie William Nielsen

351395 5933914 5953155            93

his path of destiny / how he learned what he was here to learn = Making the best of a worse case scenario.

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Jenni-Lyn Watson Body Confirmed Leading to Arrest of Ex-BoyfriendSteven Pieper

11:08 AM on 28th November 2010

Police say they have arrested the ex-boyfriend of Jenni-Lyn Watson, whose body was found in a storage shed near Clay Central Park, New York.

Steven Pieper faces arraignment on murder charges, police said at a press conference today.

Watson and Pieper had an on-and-off relationship over an 18-month period, according to Onondaga County district attorney William Fitzpatrick. 

The arrest came hours after searchers combing through woods for any sign of  Watson found her body covered in debris behind a storage shed in a swampy area of Clay Central Park.

Mr Fitzpatrick claimed  Pieper was upset when Watson tried to end their relationship in early October.

He said investigators believe Pieper killed her at her parents’ house on November 19, and her body was ‘dumped, frankly, like garbage’ in the park.

Watson’s body was found at 10.30am in the park, where the search had focused since she disappeared on November 19.

Watson’s family has been notified and will identify the remains. An autopsy is planned for tomorrow morning.

Watson, 20, disappeared a day after returning home to Clay for Thanksgiving break.

Undersheriff Warren Darby said on Friday that more than 100 people were searching for her.

He said the search expanded from 600 acres to 1,200 acres. Watson was a junior dance major at Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pa.

Her parents had told investigators it was ‘uncharacteristic’ for the pretty college student to go off on her own without telling anybody.

Miss Watson’s murder has stunned the entire community of Liverpool, which had thrown itself into finding her.

Jenni-Lyn Watson
Dressed as an angel: Jenni-Lyn Watson in an undated picture, on her mobile phone at a fancy dress party dressed as an angel
Jenni-Lyn Watson
Jenni-Lyn Watson

Fun-loving: Pictures of Jenni-Lyn – on a website dedicated to finding her – show the 20-year-old as a vibrant and witty woman

Found dead: Jenni-Lyn, of Liverpool, New York, disappeared on November 19 after going home for Thanksgiving

Found dead: Jenni-Lyn, of Liverpool, New York, disappeared on November 19 after going home for Thanksgiving


Jenni-Lyn is a ballerina who had returned to her parents' house for the holidays
Dancing passion: Jenni-Lyn loved ballet and was a junior dance major at Mercyhurst College

Friends held a vigil at Mercyhurst College, while others in Liverpool handed out flyers to members of the public.

A website and a Facebook page was set up to help find her – the Facebook page attracting more than 27,000 members.

Pictures posted on both show Miss Watson enjoying herself like any girl her age – at a senior ball, at the seaside with friends and at a party in fancy dress as an angel.

Search: Police comb a wooded area where Jenni-Lynn's mobile phone was last used
Search: Police comb a wooded area where Jenni-Lynn’s mobile phone was last used


Police search the area. Friends and family have launched their own campaign to find Jenni-Lynn
Gruesome discovery: Police found Jenni-Lyn’s body inside a storage unit in the park where they had been concentrating their search

On her Facebook page she lists one of her favourite quotes as: ‘You are only as strong as the martinis you drink…. tables you dance on and the friends that you have.’

Sergeant John D’Eredita of the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office said two search teams and sniffer dogs had combed around 200 acres of woodland bordering an industrial area in Clay, a short distance away from Liverpool.

Miss Watson had just finished her exams at Mercyhurst College when she came back home.

Friends and relatives said her disappearance was 'abnormal' as they prayed for her safe return
Friends and relatives said her disappearance was ‘abnormal’ as they prayed for her safe return
Jenni-Lynn, shown here in a ballerina pose in an image from her Facebook page, was last seen just five miles from her home
Jenni-Lynn, shown here in a ballerina pose in an image from her Facebook page, was last seen just five miles from her home

She was last seen on Friday morning at the family home by her parents and 17-year-old sister.

When they came back that that afternoon she had vanished, apparently taking just her mobile phone.

Her wallet and house keys were still indoors.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1333744/Steven-Pieper-Jenni-Lyn-Watsons-ex-boyfriend-arrested-police-body-NY.html#ixzz16ZoM6CBx


Jenni-Lyn Watson’s body found, Steven M. Pieper charged with murder

Jenni-Lyn Watson's body found, Steven M. Pieper charged with murder

Jenni-Lyn Watson’s body found, Steven M. Pieper charged with murder

Posted: Saturday, November 27, 2010, 9:17 PM

Steven M. Pieper, 21, of Liverpool, is escorted by Sheriff’s Deputies into Clay Town Court Saturday night for his arraignment where he plead not guilty to a murder charge. He was charged earlier today after a body believed to be that of Jenni-Lyn Watson was discovered in a park in Clay.

from:  http://photos.syracuse.com/post-standard/2010/11/body_found_believed_to_be_that_11.html


Jenni-Lyn Watson was born on February 24th, 1990 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disappearance_of_Jenni-Lyn_Watson

February 24th, 1990

2 + 24 +1+9+9+0 = 45 = her life lesson = what she was here to learn = Mysteries.  Unexplained.  Secrets.  Ouch.  That’s gotta hurt.


February 24th, 1990

24 + 1+9+9+0 = 43 = her “secret” number = Dancer.  Ballerina.


using the number/letter grid:

1      2      3       4       5       6      7      8      9
A      B     C       D       E       F      G      H      I
J      K      L      M      N       O      P      Q      R 
S      T      U      V      W      X      Y      Z


A = 1              J = 1              S = 1

B = 2              K = 2             T = 2

C = 3              L = 3             U = 3

D = 4              M = 4            V = 4

E = 5              N = 5            W = 5

F = 6              O = 6             X = 6

G = 7              P = 7             Y = 7

H = 8              Q = 8             Z = 8

I = 9               R = 9

Steven M. Pieper

            4  7


his salvation/undoing number = MP = 47 = Name recognition.  Everybody knows your name.

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