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Lauren Scruggs

11:09 GMT       Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A stylist who worked on American TV show Gossip Girl has lost her hand after walking into the propeller of a small plane.

Lauren Scruggs also suffered head, brain and shoulder injuries in the accident, which happened at a private airport outside Dallas, Texas.

The 23-year-old, who founded LOLO online fashion magazine, had been on a flight to look at Christmas lights.

She is in a serious condition at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas.

Doctors say she has been able to respond to voice commands by moving her arms and legs.

Family spokesperson Janee Harrell said the pilot was not hurt and it seemed like a “terrible accident”.

“Obviously those of us at the airport are saddened by this as we would be with any accident involving anybody,” she said.

“I think we want the public to know one thing, an accident is an accident.

“And this is, while very terrible, no different than any car accident and someone hit by a car.”


The extent of Lauren Scruggs’ brain injuries are unknown.

The former model had to have her left hand amputated after being taken to hospital.

Family spokesperson Janee Harrell denied that Lauren Scruggs had been drinking.

She’s doing well and she’s in good hands. They communicate to us well. We appreciate the prayers from the people all over the country

Janee HarrellScruggs family spokesperson

She said it was not known why she had walked into the propeller blades of the two-seater plane.

“It’s speculative at this point, but what we’re thinking is the plane landed and they were picking up the next passengers,” she said.

“It was dark and we think she probably turned around to thank the pilot.”

America’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said the accident happened on Saturday night at a private airport in the McKinney area, about 30 miles north-east of Dallas.

“She’s going to be on a tough road,” added Janee Harrell. “It’s going be a long way back.

“She’s doing well and she’s in good hands. They communicate to us well. We appreciate the prayers from the people all over the country.”



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Lauren Scruggs

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