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December 24th, 2010

The death of Adrienne Nicole Martin inside August Busch’s mansion has prompted an investigation Thursday. Adrienne Nicole Martin’s death has also prompted backlash against the law enforcement agency that did not report the death until the news media uncovered the story. Now that the story has broke, police are still refusing to grant news interviews about that matter.

What’s going in Frontenac?

Adrienne Nicole Martin’s death tonight remains the most commented story on the news site that broke the story. The comments are overwhelming negative against the Frontenac Police Department, especially.

Martin died inside Busch’s mansion in affluent Huntleigh, a suburb of St Louis under the jurisdiction of the Frontenac Police Department. Despite Martin’s death last weekend, her passing was not reported by the Department.

Why? The Department says it was under no responsibility to report the death until sought for comment by the news media. The Department also claims it needs to get approval from the City Attorney before confirming a death.


Frontenac Police Chief Tom Becker was not clear why he needed authorization from the City Attorney to inform the news media about Martin’s death. Becker did not indicate if that is custom practice of the Department.

The story was unearthed first by St Louis’ Post Dispatch Thursday. When the paper sought comment from the Becker, he refused.

Again why?

Instead Becker issued a first news statement, then issued a second correcting the date of death, then issued a third correcting the date of death again. In fact, online reaction tonight is skeptical about Adrienne Nicole Martin’s time and date of death.

Becker confirmed, by statement, that his Department received a 911 call at 1:15 PM Sunday of an “unresponsive person”. Becker would not confirm who made the phone call, whether Martin had been alone in the home, or how long after her death was the matter reported to police. Becker confirmed, that upon arrival, officers found Martin dead.

August Busch IV, who is 46, was reportedly dating Martin, 27, claims the Post Dispatch. But Busch has yet to issue a statement about his own reported girlfriend’s passing.

Adrienne Martin Dead at 27

Rather his attorney Art Margulis, who does criminal defense cases, spoke about Martin’s passing stating “I can tell you there is absolutely nothing suspicious about her passing, and it’s a tragic and untimely death of a young person. A very kind young person, by the way.” Margulis did not state if his client was in the home with Martin, nor why his client has yet to comment about the death of someone he was reportedly dating.

Both Martin and Busch are single.

While Margulis says Martin’s death was not suspicious, Margulis doesn’t indicate if he actually knows Martin’s cause of death. If he does, he didn’t tell news today about it.

Suzanne McCune, administrator of the medical examiner’s office, says she doesn’t know the cause of death. There was no evidence of illness nor trauma says McCune. The Post Dispatch
says a “law enforcement source” reported that “the death was initially being investigated as a possible overdose.”

As a city enters the Christmas weekend, this story remains the most commented news story on the Post Dispatch website and most shared on its Facebook profile recently. As one reader writes “So the Frontenac Police have no accountability to the public or the news media unless someone specifically asks them a question? What century are they operating in?”

from:  http://news.lalate.com/2010/12/24/adrienne-nicole-martin-death-investigation-prompts-controversy/


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