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Monday, April 23, 2012         8:55 AM EDT

New Jersey state police are investigating allegations that members of the department used police vehicles to escort more than two dozen exotic cars down the Garden State Parkway to Atlantic City last month, NBC New York has learned.

The complaints, leveled by private citizens and relatives of former state police officers, allege that a group of luxury cars, including Porsches and Ferraris with taped-up license plates, raced down the parkway with two police escorts — which had flashing emergency lights on — leading and trailing the convoy.

The Star-Ledger reports that former Giants star Brandon Jacobs was among those driving in the caravan. His agent confirmed that Jacobs was part of a ride to Atlantic City.

In complaints obtained by The Star-Ledger, witnesses say they observed cars going more than an estimated 100 mph, following the lead police car.

“I noticed that many cars were struggling to get out of their way safely,” wrote John Kennedy of Madison, whose complaint, along with that of another witness, was sent to the Turnpike Authority on March 30 and April 1.

A state police source told NBC New York that the drive was not authorized by anyone other than the sergeant involved, who was in the lead car. This sergeant is “tight” with Jacobs and has discussed his relationship with the football star in the past, he said.

The source said complaints have come from both the family of a retired trooper and the family of an active trooper, who said regular motorists were put in danger during the drive.

Jacobs, who was traded from the Giants to the San Francisco 49ers in March, is a known car aficionado. He spoke about his collection of cars in an interview with Rides Magazine in 2011.

Mike Drewniak, a spokesman for Gov. Chris Christie, said the allegations are “very serious and disturbing for a couple of reasons but particularly in terms of the disregard for public safety by all those allegedly involved.” He said in addition to the police investigating the complaints, the state attorney general’s office was also looking into the charges.

from:  http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/death-race-police-escort-garden-state-parkway-brandon-jacobs-nj-trooper-148436465.html


Brandon Jacobs was born on July 6th, 1982 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brandon_jacobs

July 6th, 1982

7 + 6 +1+9+8+2 = 33 = his life lesson = Putting on a good show.

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July 6th, 1982

July 6th

7 + 6 +2+0+1+1 = 17 = his personal year (from July 6th, 2011 to July 5th, 2012) = Be realistic.

17 year + 4 (April) = 21 = his personal month (from April 6th, 2012 to May 5th, 2012) = Seeing the big picture.  On the world stage.  For all the world to see.

21 month + 24 (24th of the month on Tuesday April 24th, 2012) = 45 = his personal day = Regrets.

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