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Ashley Judd's 2003 topless photo is now the face of an unofficial campaign in Kentucky to support the controversial practice of mountaintop coal mining.

Kentucky coal miners are fighting to remove their tops. Their weapon of choice: a topless photo of Ashley Judd.

Judd, an outspoken opponent of mountaintop coal mining (a mining process that involves blasting the tops off of mountains to extract coal), is now the unofficial face of a pro-mountaintop mining campaign in her home state of Kentucky, according to The Associated Press.

A 5-by-3-foot poster hanging at a local golf tournament in the town of Prestonburg was on full display with the slogan: “Ashley Judd makes a living taking off her top. Why can’t coal miners?”

Plastered on the left side of the poster is a photo of the actress from a 2003 Marie Claire article. In the picture, a topless Judd mugs for the camera while covering her bare breasts with her hands.

The poster is reportedly a retaliation by the locals against Judd for a June 9th speech in which the actress referred to mountaintop coal mining as “the rape of Appalachia.”

“It is time to retire the cynical and superficial coal company-created argument that we must choose between people, their jobs, and our mountains,” Judd, 42, said in the speech. “That is simply false, fear-based and fear-mongering.”

According to the report, environmentalists’ main issue with mountaintop coal mining is the residue that falls into surrounding streams and the destruction the process causes to the Appalachian peaks.

Judd, who is a self-proclaimed “hillbilly,” also took the time to criticize the building of golf courses over former mine sites.

“I’m not too keen on reinforcing stereotypes about my people, but I don’t know a lot of hillbillies who golf,” she said in her speech.

While no one has claimed responsibility for the poster, coal company officials have reportedly given it their endorsement.

“If you’re an eastern Kentuckian, if you’re a hillbilly – if that’s what you want to call yourself – you don’t go around and ridicule and denigrate the other people of the area,” said David Gooch, president of the Pikeville-based Coal Operators and Associates. Gooch’s company, along with the organization Friends of Coal, sponsored the tournament where the poster was displayed.

Paul Hughes, assistant general manager of the golf course where the tournament was held, is reportedly planning to remove the poster and find out who owns it. But he might want to consider keeping it up: apparently, it was a big hit amongst the locals.

“All the people that was here yesterday, they was all for it,” he said.

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