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The Girl Who Conned The Ivy League

How a high school dropout created the ultimate fake ID, scammed her way into Harvard and Columbia, and became the target of a nationwide manhunt

Investigators had never encountered anyone like this mysterious young woman, whom they discovered was not Brooke Henson at all but an imposter named Esther Reed: a criminal with an MO radically different from that of a typical identity thief. Rather than max out people’s credit cards and move on, Esther would become them, spending years living under a succession of assumed names. Posing as various young women, she got her GED in Ohio, aced her SATs in California, gained admission to three universities — including continuing-ed programs at Harvard and Columbia — and received $100,000 in student loans.

from:  http://www.rollingstone.com/news/story/31770765/the_girl_who_conned_the_ivy_league/2

Esther Reed

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How she obtains/loses her heart’s desire = ED = 54 =  Spontaneous.  Curious.  Interesting.  Fascinating.  Ingenious.  Clever.  Quick thinking.  Scout.  Intelligence gathering.  Surveillance.  Witness.  Observe.  View.  Watch.  Oversee.  Overlook.  Overhear.  Listen.  Ears.  Audiotape.  Videotape.  Recording.  Footage.  Scan.  Interview.  Interrogate.  Questions…Identity.  Alias…Imitate.  Mimic.  Photocopy.  Duplicate.  Double.  Twins.  Split.  Bifurcate.  Multiple.  Role playing…Make over.  Masks.  Disguise.  Costumes…Spy.  Undercover.  Covert.  Secret agent.  Incognito.  (De)code.  Erase.  Data.  Documents…Coy.  Cunning.  Outsmart.  Pretender.  Poseur.  Impostor…Cover story.  Things are not as they appear.  Living a double life.  Assumed identity.  Mistaken identity. 

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