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June 13, 2010

Indonesians grappled with their first-ever celebrity sex-tape scandal, casting aside social taboos as they swarmed around office computers and mobile phones to watch clips allegedly showing a much-loved pop star with two girlfriends.

The story topped newscasts for a week and dominated chatter on social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. But just as controversial was the reaction of officials in the newly democratic nation.

Police initially threatened to charge the “stars” under a strict anti-pornography law.

Several high schools were raided for mobile phones so the offending clips could be removed. And some ministers said the incident pointed, once again, to moral decay and the need for stricter controls of the Internet.

Indonesia, a secular nation with more Muslims than any other in the world, emerged from 32 years of dictatorship in 1998. It won praise for tackling the tough tasks of fighting corruption and terrorism and implementing widely lauded social and economic reforms.

But it still faces challenges on the road to democratization, from the explosion of grass-roots campaigning on the Web to old-style politicians, who speak to small constituencies or narrow-based parties rather than the central government, said sociologist Wimar Witoelar.

For some, the initial instinct still is to clamp down.

When the scandal spurred debate as to whether education about sex — a subject still taboo at home and in the classroom — should be added to the school curriculum, Minister of Education Muhammad Nuh responded with a flat out “no.”

“I may be obsolete, but I don’t see that sex education in schools is needed,” he told reporters. “I believe people will learn about sex naturally.”

Instead, he recommended authorities search students’ mobile phones for copies of the tapes, the rapid dissemination of which “violates the rules and cultural norms in a religious society.”

“Whoever is responsible should be punished,” Nuh said.

The first six-minute video clip appears to show pop singer Nazril Irham, better known as Ariel, in bed with his girlfriend Luna Maya, a top model, actress and, up until the scandal, the face of Lux beauty soap.

The two deny it was them, saying the footage has been doctored, but were called in for questioning by police.

Initially officers threatened to charge them under a tough anti-pornography law, even though there was no indication the intimate but explicit sex scenes were ever intended for public viewing.

“If someone is proven to have intentionally distributed the videos, that person will be charged,” said Brig. Gen. Zainuri Lubis, spokesman for the national police, adding even those caught downloading clips and copying it for others could face jail time.

Local media said the video started appearing in early June after Ariel’s laptop was stolen and many similar tapes, with other celebrities, are still out there.

Then a second eight-minute video emerged, purportedly showing Ariel with a former girlfriend, also a well-liked model and television presenter, further fanning public appetite for more.

As the tapes were downloaded onto Facebook and YouTube (they have since been removed by the sites’ administrator) and distributed from mobile phone to mobile phone, the country tottered on the verge of sexual hysteria.

Fifteen-year-old Bintang Irvano, a student at a high school in south Jakarta, huddled around a mobile phone with his two friends to look at the video “for about the fourth time.”

He said after teachers started launching daily raids, teens started removing the footage from their phones ahead of class only to later upload it.

“It’s easy to get it back again,” said Raikhan Daffa, 16. “We just pass it to one another by Bluetooth.”

“Hey, it’s one way to learn about sex!” he said, laughing.

Work grinded to a halt at some offices last week, as employees discussed the scandal on Facebook or forwarded a steady string of jokes, the punch lines all tied to the scandal.

The country of 240 million has seen an explosion of social networking as more people have access to the Internet, prompting the government earlier this year to propose a bill to regulate content.

Public pressure forced it, eventually, to be shelved.

But, in the wake of the sex-tape saga, Minister of Information and Technology Tifatul Sembiring renewed calls for content control, and teams immediately set out to deploy firewalls for more than 2,000 Internet cafes around the country.

He said it was a “race against time” to protect children from harm.

Others argued while it is important to protect the young, new media has a key role to play in helping democratize the country, and curtailing content does not come without risks.

“The government may have good intentions,” said Roy Suryo, an information and technology analyst. “But freedom of information and personal access rights have to be protected as well.”

from:  http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/Media/wirestory?id=10902440&page=1


Nazril Irham was born on September 16th, 1981 according to http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazril_Irham

September 16th, 1981

9 + 16 +1+9+8+1 = 44  = his life lesson = what he is here to learn = Meditating.  Dhyana.  Introspection.  Self-awareness.  Self-reflection.  Looking inward.  Relevant.  Topical.  Recent.  Contemporary.  Fresh.  Happening.  Update.  The moment.  Presently.  Currently.  Now.  Today.  In touch.  In tune.  Resonance.  Validate.  Feedback.  Commentary.  Diary.  Journaling.  Blogging.  Tweeting.  Log.  Self-acceptance.  Being oneself.  Alright.  Okay.  Mellow.  Chillin’.  Be here now.  Live in the now.  In the moment.  Right here, right now.  How it is.  What is.  The eternal now.  In the zone.  The reflexive property:  a=a.  Be yourself.  Comfortable in your own skin.  I am me.  You are you.  It is what it is.  I’m alright, right now.  Yeah, uh huh.  How’s it going?  What’s up?  What’s happening?  Here’s what’s happening.  Up-to-date.  Recently updated.  The latest update.  Latest development.  Keep me up-to-date.  I’ll keep you posted.  Play-by-play.  Stay current.  Staying on topic.  Stay tuned.  Tune in.  Checking in with you to see where you’re at with things.  Stream of consciousness.  Daily diary.  Keeping a log.  Short-term memory.  Sitting still.  Small town.  Chill out.  Off in your own little world.


using the number/letter grid:

1      2      3       4       5       6      7      8      9
A      B     C       D       E       F      G      H      I
J      K      L      M      N       O      P      Q      R 
S      T      U      V      W      X      Y      Z


A = 1              J = 1              S = 1

B = 2              K = 2             T = 2

C = 3              L = 3             U = 3

D = 4              M = 4            V = 4

E = 5              N = 5            W = 5

F = 6              O = 6             X = 6

G = 7              P = 7             Y = 7

H = 8              Q = 8             Z = 8

I = 9               R = 9

Nazril Irham

5       9    14

how he obtains/loses his heart’s desire = NM = 54 = Spontaneous.  Curious.  Inquisitive.  Interesting.  Fascinating.  Conversational.  Ingenious.  Clever.  Quick thinking.  Scout.  Intelligence gathering.  Surveillance.  Witness.  Observe.  View.  Watch.  Oversee.  Overlook.  Overhear.  Listen.  Ears.  Audiotape.  Videotape.  Recording.  Footage.  Scan.  Inquire.  Interview.  Interrogate.  Questions.  Trivia.  Riddles.  Puzzles.  Crossword puzzles.  Quiz.  Questionnaire.  Querent.  Discussion.  Forums.  Research.  Specimen.  Factors.  Congruence.  Correlation.  Estimate.  Guess.  Theory.  Postulate.  Assumption.  Geminian.  Mind reading.  Telepathy.  Teleport.  Memorize.  Verbatim.  Quote.  Recite.  Extemporaneous.  Improvisation.  Demonstrate.  Examples.  Exhibit.  Programming.  Technology.  Interface.  Simulation.  Virtual.  Cyber.  Digital.  Monitor.  Screen.  Graphics.  Frame.  Cover.  Holographic.  3D.  Transparency.  Superimpose.  Phase.  Version.  Modify.  Enhancements.  Characteristics.  Identity.  Alias.  Screen name.  Avatar.  Profile.  Vicarious.  Chameleon.  Mockingbird.  Parrot.  Copy.  Imitate.  Impersonate.  Impression.  Mimic.  Photocopy.  Duplicate.  Double.  Twins.  Split.  Bifurcate.  Multiple.  Poly.  Replicate.  Resemble.  Portray.  Role playing.  Transcribe.  Dialogue.  Narrate.  Documentary.  Language.  Bilingual.  Multilingual.  Interpret.  Translator.  Lingo.  Approximate.  Crossover.  Pause.  Dubbing.  Voice overs.  Make over.  Masks.  Disguise.  Camouflage.  Costumes.  A prop.  Gesture.  Parody.  Spoof.  Mock.  Skit.  Charade.  Wink.  Breezy.  Windy.  Horses.  Confidant.  Spy.  Infiltrate.  Insider.  Undercover.  Covert.  Secret agent.  Incognito.  Debrief.  (De)code.  Decipher.  Erase.  Upload.  Download.  Data.  Documents.  Memoir.  Autobiography.  Coy.  Cunning.  Outsmart.  Pretender.  Poseur.  Impostor.  Copycat.  Veneer.  Facade.  Nosy.  Snitch.  Tattle tale.  Informant.  Leak.  Filter.  Revise.  Restore.  Reverse.  Janus.  Two-faced.  Flip-flopper.  Ping pong.  Peel.  Disrobe.  Peephole.  Kinky.  Deviate.  Double cross.  Doublespeak.  Double meaning.  Duplicity.  Mixed messages.  Rhetoric.  Pun.  Blurry.  Vague.  Meddle.  Tamper.  Intrude.  Eavesdropping.  Scrutiny.  Counterintelligence.  Brainwash.  Misinformation.  Disinformation.  Misrepresent.  Allegedly. 

his primary challenge = NI = 59 = Redemption.  Catharsis.  Sacrifice.  Salvage.  Anchor.  Conceding.  Defeat.  Lose.  Failure.  Wreckage.  Sink.  Scuttle.  Underwater.  Down.  Low.  Dismantle.  Shatter.  Pieces.  Tear apart.  Eviscerate.  Scourge.  Whip.  Persecution.  Mithras.  Martyr.  Crucify.  Fallibility.  Scapegoat.  Humiliate.  Mudslinging.  Demoralize.  Empty victory.  Enemy.  Disgrace.  Ashamed.  Violated.  Negative energy.  Radioactive.  Toxic.  Game over.  Personal meltdown.  Breakdown.  Agony.  Tempest.  Thorn.  Self-interest.  Dredge.  Deflate. 

what he must do/has to do = NA = 51 = Right life.  Swadharma.  Truth.  Honesty.  Honor.  Respect.  Integrity.  Character.  Reputation.  Credentials.  Veracity.  Virtue.  Ethics.  Morals.  Honor.  Dignity.  Decency.  Legislation.  Laws.  Rules.  Regulations.  Ordinance.  Policy.  Standards.  Important.  Official.  Proper.  Sir.  Politics.  Campaign.  Elections.  Voting.  The State.  Government.  Congress.  President.  Military.  Soldier.  Police.  Law enforcement.  Officer.  Lawyers.  Attorneys.  Legal advice.  Counsel.  Litigation.  Lawsuit.  Evidence.  Proof.  Genius.  Logic.  Rational.  Factual.  Accurate.  Exact.  Precise.  Frankness.  Candor.  Brief.  Plain spoken.  Impartial.  Unbiased.  Serious.  Sober.  Solemn.  Live right life.  Do the right thing.  Be honest.  Be logical.  Face facts.  A lesson lived is a lesson learned.  Practice what you preach.  Don’t burn your bridges.  Obey the law.  Be respectful.  Hitting the nail on the head.  Calling a spade a spade.  Say what you mean, and mean what you say.  State your case.  The ends don’t justify the means.  The cold, hard facts.  Matter of fact.  Cut and dry.  The rule of the law.  Following the letter of the law.  By the book.  Truth is harsh.  Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.  A name doesn’t harm us if we don’t harm the name.  Virtue is its own reward.  Give credit where credit is due.  There is no price for good advice.  Honor is better than honors.  Elected official.  New officials introduce strict measures.  Honesty is the best policy.  Look me in the eye and say that.  Men hold the buffalo by its rope and a ruler by his words.  New lords, new laws.  Neither break a law nor make one.  Oath of office.  Enforcing the rules. 


Ages 27 to 54 are ruled by the day of birth.

September 16th, 1981

So from ages twenty-seven to fifty-four he has the number 16 going on.

16 = Surprises.  Shocks.  Instantaneous.  Sudden.  Astonishment.  Astounding.  Spectacular.  Awesome.  Amazing.  Amazement.  Speechless.  Unprecedented.  Surpass.  Exceed.  Transcend.  Powerful speaker.  Powerful voice.  Awakening.  Revelation.  Epiphany.  Liberation.  Awe.  Reverence.  Deify.  Divine correction.  Stun.  Startle.  Caution.  Electricity.  High voltage.  Overload.  Live wire.  Stratosphere.  Lightning.  Jolt.  Spark.  Flash.  Abruptly.  Erratic.  Spastic.  Unpredictable.  Unstable.  Crash.  Embarrassment.  Loud mouth.  Harm.  Accidents.  Disasters.  Catastrophes.  Calamity.  Irreverent.  Sacrilege.  Blasphemy.  Be careful.  Expect the unexpected.  Anything can happen.  Predictably unpredictable.  Never shout never.  All of a sudden.  In a flash.  In an instant.  From out of nowhere.  Bolt out of the blue.  Shock to the system.  A real eye opener.  Blown away.  Freedom from the known.  Going where no one has ever gone before.  Life-altering experiences.  In the presence of the divine.  A god among men.  Touched by God.  The Hand of God.  Life review.  Out-of-body experiences.  Divine correction.  I am God.  God is God.  Getting right with God.  A phone call from God.  If you get a phone call from God, you just might turn into a burning bush.  Putting the fear of God in you.  Drop you to your knees.  Thunder and lightning.  Thou shall not take the name of the Lord in vain.  Profaning the sacred.  There are limits.  Know your limits.  Rise so high, so far to fall.  How the mighty have fallen.  The higher the castle, the nearer to lightning.  In harm’s way.  On accident.  Accidents will happen.  Seeing your life flash before your eyes.  God forbid.  

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