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Betty Buckley, Tuc Watkins, and<br> Christy Carlson Romano<br> in <i>White's Lies</i><br> (© Ken Howard)

June 12, 2010 

Ben Andron’s comedy White Lies will play its final performance at New World Stages on Sunday, June 13.

The play concerns Joe White, a successful lawyer and womanizing bachelor whose life changes when his mother drops a bombshell on him: she’s got cancer and her dying wish is to have a grandchild.

The production is directed by Bob Cline. The company features Tuc Watkins, Betty Buckley, Christy Carlson Romano, Peter Scolari, Jimmy Ray Bennett, Andrea Grano, and Rena Strober.



Christy Carlson Romano was born on March 20th, 1984 according to

March 20th

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